Balancing profit and purpose

We steer the group as one; the head office manages the entire family. Although each division has its own strategic plan and set of objectives, we strive to align them with the overall group strategy to generate long-term growth and sustainable value for our customers – and society at large.

We want to create sustainable value All Faber Halbertsma Group members are autonomous and responsible for their day-to-day management, profit & loss and the execution of their division strategy. However, it is our shared commitment to continuous improvement and ambitions for the circular economy that drive our corporate success. We work together to deliver results In 2019, we achieved a net turnover of € 330.3 million, compared to € 326.8 million in 2018, with an added value of € 129.3 million (2018: € 126.4 million). Our solvency rate grew from 35.5% to 40.6%, mainly due to the good net result over 2019. These are the tangible results of years of ambitious business decisions, a clear vision and the group’s visual transformation with a harmonious corporate identity. In March 2019, Chief Financial Officer Stan Peeters declared the start of a new and exciting era with the change of the names of each and every Faber Halbertsma Group member. The immediate reason for the large-scale transformation was to display a visual unity with the emphasis on the group’s individual family brands. The individual brand websites each provide an overview of all Faber Halbertsma Group brands, enabling us to act as one family with a common goal: delivering sustainable, top-quality pooling solutions.

We invest in long-term growth to serve our customers With our full-service concept, we strive to develop Europe’s most secure and sustainable pooling network to streamline the supply chain. In the period leading to our corporate transformation, we were able to maintain our market share for closed pooling in most segments. We strengthened our network and implemented our shared-services approach in Eindhoven, which encouraged interdivisional collaboration, and, in its turn, positively impacted our service quality throughout Europe. In 2019, we continued to invest in the pool size of our open-pooling business to capture growth opportunities in the market. We are currently engaged in digital innovation projects and are looking into further expansion throughout Europe. We have also determined the framework for the further strategic reorientation of the production division. In the last two decades, we have transformed from a pallet manufacturer into a strongly data-driven, full-service pooling partner. By attracting talent for key positions, investing in the professional development of our employees and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, we have been able to lay a solid foundation for future growth, both organic and through acquisition. Moreover, our data-driven approach enables us to run an effective and profitable pooling system aimed at providing our customers with the best transport solution for every occasion. In the words of Ingrid Faber, “Data helps us develop custom solutions for our customers. Our mission has remained: we want to provide transport companies, shippers and retailers with the best possible packaging solution – whether it is standardised or bespoke.”