Welcome to our story

I am grateful to share our corporate story with you. Over the years, we have built a sustainable and agile family of companies. Everything started with the production of wooden barrels, which we soon expanded to include pallets, to eventually grow into the market-leading, diversified and highly data-driven pooling services provider we are today. By investing in our people, attracting new talent and nurturing a culture that values entrepreneurship and employee growth, we have been able to prepare ourselves and our customers for the future. Corporate social responsibility is part of our DNA. We have always believed we, as a company, have a responsibility towards our employees, our customers and our environment in the broadest sense of the word. Only by focusing equally on people, planet, performance and profit can we create a sustainable world together. That has been our shared ambition for three generations now; it is the thread that ties past, present and future generations together. Enjoy the read. Ingrid Faber Chief Executive Officer