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We are one of Europe’s preeminent suppliers of sustainable pallet products and pooling services. With our in-house pallet production partners, well-established pooling service providers and local presence, we can offer a fitting solution for any pallet requirement.

We stand by our core business What We provide sustainable, reliable, cost-effective pallet pooling services and products to virtually all industries throughout Europe. How We have developed a robust, agile and sustainable pooling network across Europe to streamline the supply chain. In our quest to a greener future, we are always looking for new and smarter ways to carry and transport goods. Why Safe and secure transport and packaging solutions should be available to everyone, everywhere. We also believe we have a responsibility towards our customers and future generations to provide reusable and sustainable products and services. Meet the whole Faber Halbertsma Group family: IPP – Sustainable closed pallet & box pooling services for the FMCG and recycling industry IPP provides pallet and box pooling services in the FMCG, industrial and recycling sectors, covering most of Western Europe. Through an extensive pooling network, the company is able to service Europe’s major brand-owners, manufacturers and retailers. It has built up a strong reputation based on simplicity, quality and collaboration. IPP operates an extensive recovery and refurbishment system to deliver high-quality and low-cost pooling services to a growing customer base. With a range of reuse-based pallet pooling concepts, from full service to do-it-yourself, this member of the Faber Halbertsma Group family is able to offer its customers cost-effective solutions, whatever their requirements. PRS – Sustainable closed pallet pooling services for the polymer industry PRS, short for Pallet Return System, provides sustainable pallet pooling services to the European polymer industry. The company operates a Europe-wide network of service centres to dispatch, recover and refurbish reusable pallets. It offers a convenient and cost-effective way to provide customers with the right number of pallets, wherever and whenever they need them. PRS combines service and reliability while contributing to the polymer industry’s sustainability goals; it not only incentivises circular business practices through the PRS Green Label, but also saves 400,000 trees per year, which is around 1000 per day.

PAKi Logistics – Sustainable open pooling services for exchangeable standardised load carriers PAKi Logistics is one of Europe’s leading service providers for the management, supply and relocation of standardised (Euro) pallets and Gitter-boxes. With over 40 years of experience, 200 specialists and a network of more than 10,000 facilities across Europe, PAKi Logistics offers absolute reliability and incomparable expertise in pooling. It helps transport companies, retailers and manufacturers all over Europe with the handling of their specific load carrier needs. vPOOL – Sustainable open pooling services for grade load carriers With over 20 years of experience, vPOOL has become a household name when it comes to food grade load carrier pooling services. With a strong presence throughout Europe, the company completes 150 deliveries and collections of load carriers per day, servicing more than 700 service providers. The annual amount of load carriers vPOOL distributes translates into almost 1,000 football pitches. vPOOL Logistics GmbH became part of the Faber Halbertsma Group family in February 2019. Satim – Sustainable timber Satim specialises in sustainable wood. The business sources kiln (oven) dried and fresh sawn timber for manufacturers of boxes and pallets across Europe. Its insider knowledge of the timber market and local presence allows the company to source just the right timber for every job. Thanks to its excellent contacts with timber suppliers and an extensive network of transporters, Satim is able to meet the tightest deadlines and offer the most competitive prices. Production companies – Sustainable wooden packaging We are the largest producer of wooden packaging in the Benelux area, from single use to sustainable, reusable pallets. We combine old-fashioned craftsmanship with the latest technology and excel in producing large quantities of high-quality, standardised (Euro) pallets. We also produce bespoke pallets to meet the unique needs of our customers. Quality management is central to our business; we were the first pallet manufacturer in Europe to meet the strict ISO 9001 standards. Our production companies – Phoenix, Faber, Naus, Pasec, Packaging Partners, Francepal and DEF – work in close collaboration to offer our customers the best packaging solutions in the market.