Taking care is in our nature

Investing in people is something we are passionate about at the Faber Halbertsma Group. As a family-owned company, we focus on developing our employees and uniting as one, because we feel we owe our success to the efforts of each and every one of our co-workers.

We aren’t just building a company, we are building a family At the beginning of 2020, the group – we so proudly call our family – counted 720 individual members. To keep this family strong and safe, we invest in the highest safety standards as well as a dedicated team of HR professionals nurturing sustainable and warm working relationships. Regular employee satisfaction surveys, a new onboarding system and an online tool to train new employees are just a few of the measures we take to encourage personal and professional growth. A two-year Talent Management Program gives young Faber Halbertsma Group talent the opportunity to develop their technical and management skills, while our systemic approach to learning and development empowers the whole of the organisation. We also sponsor the Fresh Produce Consortium’s Young Person of the Year award through IPP, to celebrate and support the talent behind some of the latest innovations in the fresh produce and cut flowers industries.

We know our values and hold on to them As a family, we value the way in which we interact with each other, both transparently and with the utmost respect. We have defined a framework of simple and clear values and behaviours to maintain and further strengthen our unique corporate culture. Our family values Respect for People and the Planet, Enthusiasm, Passion for Excellence and Reliability. Our family behaviours Putting Safety First – We feel responsible for our people, products and services. Caring for our Customers – Only by truly listening can we provide an exceptional service. Teamwork – Together we deliver and celebrate results. Dare to Try – Good ideas are never wasted; we always focus on finding new solutions. We Deliver – Delivering results is what we do.

We are planet-friendly people Social responsibility is in our blood. That has long been true of our company, but also of our employees. As the Faber Halbertsma Group, we support and motivate our employees and we are happy to share their own social contribution to a better, safer and healthier planet. To them and to all other socially committed employees: thank you for your efforts and we’re proud to have you!

Nicole Oye As Director of Operations, Nicole Oye works hard every day for PAKi Logistics. In her free time, she loves doing nothing more than scuba diving - but in a rather unusual way. Every time Nicole, her husband Thorsten and her friends go diving, they always bring something up to the surface with them: plastic. They started doing this when they saw how the quantity of plastic on the seabed and in the water was increasing all over the world. They dispose of the plastic they bring to the surface in this way in a sustainable manner. Everywhere they go, they make a small contribution to solving the world’s plastic problem. An attitude that is very appropriate to an employee of the Faber Halbertsma Group!

Tobias Lorke Beside his job as a customer service manager for IPP Germany, Tobias Lorke volunteers with the fire brigade in the city of Halver, Nordrhein-Westfalen. Last year, he helped fight a huge forest fire in Wixberg, an area in which unexploded ammunition from the World War II was uncovered. He has recently celebrated his five-year anniversary as a volunteer fireman and we hope he will be celebrating many, many more with us as well. He is a true hero, Tobias. We are honoured to have him in our family.

Luz da Cruz As the Planning Representative at IPP Madrid, Luz da Cruz ensures that customer orders are processed quickly and swiftly. But she does much more than that; since a few years now, Luz has been sponsoring a child in need, because she believes children are both our most vulnerable and valuable asset. Luz da Cruz: “I’ve developed a strong bond with the community of the child I support financially. Now I understand how we can change the lives of children in need and offer them a secure future. When you sponsor a child, you really change two lives: the child’s and your own.”